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About Inko Ai Takita

Inko Ai Takita, a distinguished manga artist from Kyoto, Japan, currently resides in the UK after honing her craft at Kyoto University of Art & Design and later at Central Saint Martin's College of Art & Design.


Her works have graced esteemed institutions such as the British Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum, where she's delivered manga workshops. Additionally, Takita's collaborations with British artist David Blandy resulted in captivating projects like the manga posters for the London Underground's Embankment station.


Her published manga collaborating with Scottish comic writer Séan Michael Wilson, including titles like "Manga Yokai stories" (Tuttle) and the award-winning "Portrait of Violence" (New International), have been critically acclaimed.
Furthermore, her illustrative contributions to the online theatre "Flight Paths" earned recognition at the Superfest Disability Film Festival 2021. 

You can find out a lot more on Works page.
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